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85% of the Microsoft 365 suite is left undiscovered

According to Microsoft, only 15% of Microsoft 365 is used, leaving a massive 85% of the suite not being utilised to it’s full potential. With our help, we’ll help you to find the best solutions for your needs, and streamline productivity and create a collaborative workplace experience for everyone in your organisation.

Create seamless collaboration with your entire organisation with SharePoint

Many of those who have already encountered SharePoint will see it simply as a platform for intranet or extranet sites. At TSG we’ve used it to help a wide range of customers build better business processes, achieve compliance and keep control of both physical and digital assets of all kinds. The number of SharePoint users grows by 20,000 every day, so you know you’re in good company. TSG provides SharePoint 365 training to customers to ensure they get the most from their SharePoint document management system. What’s more, SharePoint comes free as part of Office 365.

Microsoft Teams

Transform organisation-wide communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams redefines collaboration and communication with a sophiscated way of connecting your people with one another. Teams goes above and beyond to ensure that no matter what device is being used, your people will have access to files, folders, people, calendars and more. Creating a modern workplace has never been easier.

How can Microsoft 365 support you in complete digital business transformation?

You’ll probably want to focus on fixing your email issues and those bloated inboxes first. Moving your emails into the cloud is a critical initial step on the Microsoft 365 journey, and there are two options. You can use a standalone Exchange Online plan or you can sign up for M365 Business Edition. Even on this basic M365 package you’ll have access to Teams, Skype, OneDrive, Yammer, SharePoint and web versions of your Office suite.

There are a number of licensing options available to you, based on your business and your users’ needs. What’s more, you don’t need to buy the same licences for everyone.

Once you’ve migrated your files, it’s time to take a closer look at M365’s comprehensive security features. You’ll likely be looking at using the Enterprise Mobility + Security to manage some security across apps, devices, users and data. Intune helps keep your sensitive, business-critical data secure without compromising the mobile experience. You can determine the rights of your users, such as resetting their own passwords and joining groups, and manage single sign on.

Once you’ve got your basic user-level and administrator-level security in place, you can start to build upon that using Microsoft’s extensive security features, ensuring you protect your business-critical data. The natural first step up is using multi-factor authentication, reducing the chance of hackers or spoofers accessing your colleagues’ M365 accounts.

You’ve got the essentials of M365 nailed down and your staff is comfortable using both cloud and on-premise versions of Word, Excel and so on. You know that there are more tools that are available as part of M365 but having never used them before, you’re not sure where to start. Seeing all of the available applications in your dashboard can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t put you off.

We run a series of workshops and webinars dedicated to demystifying the wealth of M365 applications at your fingertips. Our M365 experts provide live demos of innovative tools including Planner, Teams and PowerApps and are on hand to answer your burning questions.

Along with its powerful productivity offering, M365 has some of the most powerful collaboration applications available to businesses, and depending which license you choose, most of these tools will come at no extra cost. Skype for Business, Teams and SharePoint are enterprise-grade solutions that are now available to you at no extra cost as part of M365.

Teams is at the forefront of communication in M365. You can collaborate office-wide, team-wide or individually via streams, chats and file-sharing. It’s the ultimate collaboration hub.

Now you can also make the step up to a tool that was once only available to large enterprises: SharePoint. It’s one of the most versatile collaboration and document management tools to exist and now comes as standard with M365. With SharePoint you can build better business processes, achieve compliance and maintain digital and physical assets.

SharePoint is a powerful document management solution that can help you maintain accreditations by rigorously controlling your documents and processes. Our experts have deployed thousands of innovative and cost-saving SharePoint solutions and can work with your business to produce a genuinely tailored solution designed to tackle your organisation’s toughest processes and challenges. You might not realise when you’re using the apps, but SharePoint actually underpins a number of M365 tools including Teams and Planner.

You’re now heading towards complete business transformation, and there’s still more M365 functionalities that can help you achieve that.

By now you’ve really gotten to grips with M365 and the wealth of functionality at your fingertips. This is where it gets really exciting. Once a project that would have cost tens of thousands of pounds, building apps is now a piece of cake with PowerApps. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create forms and surveys quickly and easily. Of course, as experts in PowerApps, TSG’s M365 team can help you with the really complex apps at a fraction of the cost.

Similarly, workflow automation has historically been the domain of the large enterprise, but with Power Automate you can automate processes from the simple to the complex. And with hundreds of pre-built templates and another easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, getting started couldn’t be more straightforward.

The final step in your journey of digital transformation with M365 doesn’t signal the end of your journey, but rather using your new-found knowledge to continually reap the benefits of M365. You’ll be able to utilise the entire suite of M365 applications which Microsoft is adding to continually.

What can I replace with Microsoft 365?


File storage

By moving your files to Office 365’s enterprise-grade-secured cloud storage solution OneDrive, you free up further on-premise resource that you can eliminate


Next-level file storage

If your business requires a full electronic document management system (EDMS) with secure file sharing, SharePoint is the solution for you


Manual forms

Do you have accident books? Timesheets? Site inspections? Jobsheets? They’ll become a thing of the past with our pre-designed PowerApps solutions


Intranet newsfeed

A pain point for so many businesses is a clunky, outdated intranet. Replace it with Yammer and you’ve got an enterprise social network stream your staff will love


Task management

Use third-party apps like Trello to manage your workload? For a simple to-do list, use Microsoft To-Do. To manage your work and your team’s work, Planner is essential


Manual or Excel shift management

Too many businesses still rely on Excel or sheets of paper to manage shifts. Use StaffHub to allocate shifts then put the power in the hands of your workers

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ELearning and video sharing

If your business shares training videos regularly, use Office 365 Stream as your straightforward platform to deliver content that matters to your employees

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Paper notepads

Even the humble notepad can be replaced with OneNote. Whether you’re an organised note-taker or not, OneNote works with you. Type out notes or write freestyle and add images

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