Windows Server 2003 End of Support

In the world of technology it can be difficult to keep pace with progress, yet remarkably Windows Server 2003 has been around for well over a decade.

The fact that it reaches End of Support on July 14th 2015 is not only inevitable but also a reflection that new developments offer significant advantages.

Quick overview video: The consequences of taking no action with Windows Server 2003:

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With more than 11.7 million servers still operating across the world, it’s clear that those who have relied on Windows Server 2003 to deliver essential services need to take action – with some degree of urgency.

Thankfully, only around 25% of TSG customers are affected with an average of two servers still running Server 2003.

What it means:

  • no more updates or patches from Microsoft
  • less stable and less secure infrastructure
  • software developers will remove support for applications running on Server 2003
  • essential drivers will also stop being supported or updated
  • the security of your network will undoubtedly be compromised – 37 critical updates were released in 2013 for Server 2003
  • you may fail to meet the compliance standards of your industry, especially if you fall under PCI regulations
  • your business will be at increased risk
  • maintenance costs will grow
  • downtime is likely to be inevitable
  • productivity will be negatively impacted

Experts across the world of technology agree that taking no action is not an option, and even if you’re only running legacy applications your business will still feel the impact.

IDC whitepaper 

Windows Server 2003:
Why you should get current

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