Calls and Lines

Calls and Lines

In theory, one of the most simple elements of your telecoms mix but often the biggest area of frustration.

At TSG, we believe that it’s all about taking control.

That’s why we have a direct relationship with the industry’s only wholesale provider of line, BT Openreach. So we’re as high up the supply chain as possible.

Calls and Lines for your business telephone system

We source your calls direct from Vodafone, the world’s largest telecoms company, and offer a single, simplified tariff. That means no more confusion and fair pricing for all of our customers.

Most importantly, we have our own WLR3 (BT Openreach's Wholesale Line Rental 3) billing engine controlled by our dedicated billing manager to ensure that your bills always correlate with your usage.

We provide full visibility of your billing information through our customer portal, allowing you to access the latest information on billing and usage whenever you need it.

So whilst we take full responsibility for delivering a great, cost-effective service, you’ll always feel in control.

Switching is simple and follows our quality assured process to ensure there’s no possibility of disruption to your service.

Alongside calls and lines, we also offer a complete range of advanced solutions including call recording, call logging and non-geographic numbers and can offer advice on how to build the ideal mix of telecoms solutions and services to take your business forward.

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