Keeping you Connected

All businesses need to be connected. For voice, email, data, web, messaging and increasingly applications that are hosted in the cloud.

In most cases, other than remote and rural locations, everything now runs across a digital network with voice and data using the same connections.

The challenge for businesses is typically in understanding which of the various connectivity options is the most appropriate and ensuring that their choice provides the right level of resilience and bandwidth for current needs… and capacity to cope with future requirements.

There’s inevitably a trade-off between cost and the level of performance, so it’s essential to understand all of the variables in order to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the idea of the ‘information superhighway’ and in many respects the road analogy is a good one.

The right connectivity for your business

Do you need a dedicated ‘road’ that only you and your colleagues use, and that’s not open to the public? These ‘roads’ or leased lines are ideal between office locations if your business has multiple sites.

You also need to consider how you connect from your office to the ‘road’ and to the wider public network. A single driveway, a double driveway or can you get straight out to the motorway? This will always be the limiting factor, no matter how much capacity is available to you further down the line.

Working with our partners Zen, KCom and Vodafone, we provide customers with everything from simple adsl broadband to complex multiple leased lines with 100s of Gbps capability for ultimate reliability and resilience where the circumstance demands.

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