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Getting Help Using the SystemCare Agent

As well as keeping your device safe and secure, TSG's SystemCare software is a great way to request help, without ever leaving your desktop.

Users with SystemCare support can log a ticket quickly using the little "T" icon shown below. This allows you to log an issue directly to our ticketing system straight from the desktop. It also allows you to include screenshots of any error messages which can help us resolve your issue even faster.

Because the request comes directly from your device this means we can quickly initiate a screen share with you to assist you as quickly as possible.

You can see the full ticket logging experience when using the SystemCare Agent below

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the SystemCare Icon?

Only devices or servers covered by SystemCare Infrasructure or End User support will have the SystemCare agent installed. Don't worry though, you can still contact us via the Customer Portal, our Support Web Form or by calling us. Click Here to see your options

I'm sure we are a SystemCare Support customer, but I still don't have the icon

No problem! There can be a couple of reasons why the agent software isn't installed. For example this can occur if you have recently been given a new device or have recently upgraded. Please log a request via the Customer Portal or the Support Web Form and we'll arrange for your device to be set up