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The app for all of your apps

“After building a lasting relationship and receiving recommendations from TSG, we decided to implement LiveTiles and subscribed to the 365 Cloud Academy online portal. We use these valuable tools across the company, which help us to be agile and efficient.”

Antony, Head of Digital Engagement, Housing Association

As your business digitally transforms, it’s likely that you’ll have a mix of new, innovative apps and platforms sitting amongst your creaky legacy systems. Switching between so many systems can be chaotic, and can actually take up a lot of your valuable time. Enter LiveTiles.

What is LiveTiles?

LiveTiles is the platform for all your apps. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to create a hub for all of your apps, bringing them together and providing you with a single pane of glass.

"LiveTiles decided to work with TSG because of its expertise and noticeable energy to share all things SharePoint and Office 365TSG consultants add so much value to our ecosystem of partners and constantly demonstrates its passion for Office 365 by helping customers navigate all the applications on the platform. TSG empowers customers that are looking for an intelligent digital workspace on LiveTiles and bring the right skills to assist customers on their digital transformation journeys."

Partner Manager at LiveTiles

  • LiveTiles and Office 365

    Build stunning and engaging sites on Office 365 and SharePoint, giving your employees a seamless user experience. What’s more, you don’t need to write any code!

  • Improving the user experience

    For many, the one pain point of SharePoint intranets has been the user experience. LiveTiles adds the wow factor and allows you to create a shared space colleagues will want to use.

Accessible and affordable

LiveTiles brings SharePoint, once the domain of large enterprises, within reach of small and midmarket businesses.

Why use LiveTiles for SharePoint?

  • Deploy immediately

    With little coding and configuration and over 40 pre-designed tiles, get your teams using LiveTiles quickly

  • Individually tailored

    Customise LiveTiles sites to specific departments and job roles, sharing content relevant to each employee

  • Any device, anywhere

    LiveTiles sites automatically adapt to whatever screen you’re using, offering a seamless user experience 

  • Out-of-the-box or custom

    There’s no need to code with LiveTiles, but there’s room for custom development if you wish

  • Collaboration

    Bring departments together and embed social media platforms to encourage communication

  • Customise

    Configure your LiveTiles sites in any way you want, from branding to placement – the world is your oyster

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Drag-and-drop interface, tiles on your canvas automatically adapt to additional placements and screens

  • Templates and integrations

    With tons of pre-designed, visually appealing tiles, and over 40 external application integrations