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Protection for all devices within your business

Features and benefits of Endpoint security

  • Traffic detection

  • Integrated endpoint and network

  • Goodbye malware

  • Threat removal

  • Synchronised security

  • Complete control

  • Make the complicated simple

  • Sophos Central

Simplify security by managing endpoint anti-virus from your UTM

  • Single console management and easy deployment.
  • Anti-virus and malware protection.
  • Device control to reduce malware and prevent data loss.

Endpoint web filtering

Web URL filtering is a feature in Sophos Endpoint, so that when users aren't browsing through a secure gateway, they're still protected from websites with malicious content wherever they are. You can synchronise the gateway policies and the endpoint or even create different rules for employees that are based outside of the office.

Sophos Endpoint can capture zero-day threats without harming the performance of devices thanks to Sophos’ technology that doesn’t rely on signatures to catch malware. Overall this means that your devices are protected before any threats arrive.

De-cloaking malware

Sophos Endpoint works alongside the firewall to identify and prevent the spread of harmful attacks by isolating devices.

Synchronised Security will provide more information from the network to increase a user's understanding of where the attacks have been attempted.

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Behavioral analytics

Within Sophos Endpoint, the behavioural analysis tool will find any suspicious and malicious materials that are designed to evade traditional anti-virus security parameters.

Endpoint- Sophos IT Security

As your IT department grows, so does the number of devices and potentially different types of devices within your business.

Protecting your devices at the point of use and at the perimeter is crucial. Adapting technology that allows you to manage your devices reduces the risk of malicious infiltrations and loss of data, so you can keep track of all activities with computer and user-based reports.

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Case studies

Growth solution for MP & Silva

MP & Silva were introduced to TSG by Microsoft to help them with their impending office relocation and develop the long term strategy required to deliver high quality solutions and services to support the highly demanding and mobile user community across the globe.

IT support, security and infrastructure refresh for Distillers

The Distillers needed a reliable network and improved security to reflect its business growth. Ian Macleod wanted to modernise its key technologies in order to provide an improved customer experience.