National cabling support for Wildlife Charity

TSG implements cabling and wireless CCTV for RSPB

CablingThe RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. They rely upon memberships and donations to fund their work.


Provide interactive and educational resources, which set the RSPB out as a modern thinking and dynamic organisation, The wildlife charity is proud of its heritage but wants to make full use of modern technology to keep its members and research partners happy and be at the forefront of Avian research.


Identify an infrastructure which would run existing legacy equipment and facilitate a platform for technical advancement for 25years. CCTV and multimedia playing a major part in the on-going development of the interactive and educational roll that the RSPB plays in research education and leisure.


TSG used a Project Management system to ensure that all areas of the brief were covered. Our cabling specialists were careful to ensure that the Sandy HQ campus upgrade and Grade 2 listed premises through to the latest cutting edge facilities would be equally matched. Civil Engineering, Cat 6, and single mode fibre supports Wireless IP CCTV and touch screen media critical to the charity’s vision for a modern hi-tech experience regardless of location.

"This was a significant project, we’re a leading global charity and IT is central to what we do and how we engage partners. We’ve a long standing relationship of 14yrs with TSG, and were again very impressed."


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