Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Whatever is on your ‘if only we had something to…….’ business wishlist, the chances are that Microsoft SharePoint – or rather one of our skilled and experienced SharePoint professionals – could help.

As Microsoft Gold Partner for Content and Collaboration, we can make SharePoint - which comes as part of Office 365 - do almost anything for any business, regardless of size.

Whilst many of those who have already encountered SharePoint will see it simply as a platform for intranet or extranet sites, at TSG we’ve used it to help a wide range of customers build better business processes, achieve compliance and keep control of both physical and digital assets of all kinds.

For those who are new to SharePoint – and historically, licencing costs have been beyond most SMBs – it can be a challenge to fully understand the potential it holds to transform critical elements of your business.

The starting point is to think about what you could improve:

  • getting rid of inefficient paper based processes
  • avoiding rekeying or duplicating information
  • managing your ISO processes
  • simplifying and automating expenses claims or holiday requests
  • providing controlled access to project documents
  • version control
  • an information bank
  • idiot-proof workflow

Some Microsoft SharePoint solutions will be quick and simple – think ‘apps’ – where more complex solutions will link teams across organisations, fully integrated with other business systems and held together by a comprehensive intranet site.

In April and May 2015 we held a SharePoint Month of Webinars. The recordings from these webinars can now be seen here:

Here's also a short video with an overview of what Microsoft SharePoint can do, made by one of our Senior SharePoint specialists:

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