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Nothing ever stands still in technology and that presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

On June 23rd we brought together the key players behind genuinely game-changing solutions and services and combined them into one event. We explored the story of how you can move beyond the ‘nuts and bolts’ to futureproof your business, revolutionise the way your people work and maximise your investment in technology to improve efficiency and profitability. 

Because of futuretech London's overwhelming success we will be running a series of repeat events in the Autumn around the UK.

There are already two events confirmed:


 Thursday October 20th - 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Fenchurch Street, etc. Venue, LONDON

(Please note that only the London and Glasgow dates are currently confirmed. The regional events are TBC so the date given is purely for the purposes of creating the form, and are not a confirmed or fixed date. If you would prefer to attend one of the futuretech events in a region nearer you then please register your interest via the appropriate region option on the right and you will be notified as soon as an event is confirmed.) 


Here's a really quick peek at some of the insights shared with our London audience in June:



The technology ecosystem created by Microsoft sits at the heart of our compelling story. Connected collaboration allows people to work smarter with systems and processes that fit around them rather than the other way round. Everything from modern operating platforms to cutting edge hardware.



We're keen to shatter the common misconception that Office 365 is simply email in the cloud and the latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We also see it as the 'glue' that will help organisations to pull together fragmented systems.

For many years, our experts have been building innovative solutions that shatter the perception of SharePoint as simply an intranet. Once the domain of large enterprises, as part of Office 365 SharePoint is now accessible to all businesses and its versatility underpins systems that outperform and undercut expensive alternatives.

The powerful combination of forms and workflow from Nintex allows you to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes. It’s the tool that our team of award winning SharePoint experts turn to when building solutions that deliver significant business process improvements for our customers.

Accurate metadata has long been the holy grail for those managing complex document and data sets. Using ground breaking technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, TermSet is well positioned to revolutionise search, governance and navigation resulting in huge savings of time and money.



Making decision and defining strategy at all levels is critical to success so ensuring that all key players have access to information is of paramount importance. BoardPacks underpins effective management of agendas, documents, minutes, tasks and, of course, decisions that will move your business forward.



Hallmarked by an increasing and alarming level of sophistication, cyber threats continue to make the headlines. In an ever-increasingly mobile and connected world, Sophos Heartbeat synchronised security provides a genuinely coordinated and unique response to accelerate discovery of advanced threats.

Always-on is becoming the expected norm, as businesses become increasingly reliant on the technology that makes them tick. Datto is a revolutionary business continuity and DR solution that will get you back up and running within seconds in the event of a catastrophic failure or outage.

We look forward to sharing insights and taking your breath away with ‘seeing is believing’ demos.

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