Back Ups and Disaster Recovery

Back Ups

TSG’s automated data backup services provide reliable, safe and cost-effective data backup. If you’re backing up locally then you already understand the importance of your data and the effort it takes to keep your backup procedures going.

TSG will install specialist data backup software on your system, provide an additional on-site backup server and regularly back up data to your requirements. We’ll frequently test your system and check everything is working properly. We’ll constantly monitor the service and tell you if there are any issues with the data backup. And, you’ll pay for the amount of data you need to protect, no matter how much space you use or how many copies of your files you decide to keep.

Disaster Recovery

Any interruption to an organisation’s ability to do business can have a negative impact on its long term prospects. It is not only major events that can affect business but minor incidents that can bring them to a costly halt also.

TSG will help your business be fully prepared. We’ve worked with organisations in a wide variety of industries to ensure that their business critical data is protected. By conducting a business risk assessment, we can design, test and implement a Disaster Recovery solution that will ensure your business is prepared should the worst happen.

Our Disaster Recovery services include:
  • Risk Assessment & Continuity Planning
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • User Recovery Services
  • Data Centre, Systems, Network & Telephony Recovery
  • Off-Site Replication
  • Workplace Relocation
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