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IT security is fundamentally critical to the integrity of any system or solution and the value that it creates for your business, your people and your customers. At TSG, we take the view that IT security is not really a technology issue. It’s a business issue and if it’s not addressed it can result in catastrophic consequences.

As the nature of security threats is constantly evolving and made more complicated by the proliferation of mobile devices, we’re in a position to invest the time and resources of our dedicated team to identify best-of-breed technologies from partners including Sophos, Sonicwall, VMware and Symantec. Specifying the perfect, integrated combination of web content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and endpoint security will ensure your hardware, software and IT infrastructure is fully protected.

We’re also ideally placed to help you apply best practice in implementing IT security policies and processes. After all it’s not only the digital threat from malicious files that’s a major problem, negligence, ignorance or plain misuse can all contribute to breaches in IT security.

Some useful videos from our security partner Sophos

Think before you click


Don't get tricked: IT Security tips


Stay alert


This video features Steve Cox, Chief Operating Officer at TSG and James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy at Sophos giving you a view of the scale of IT security's importance, as well as giving a practical demonstration of how a hacker's mind really works, and how safe your ipads and mobile devices really are: 


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