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- Dedicated to delivering exceptional service for UK SMEs


- Consolidated approach to avoid confusing supply chains and reduce risk


- Seamless, powerful solutions by combining telecoms and IT

Every business needs to be connected

From simple voice calls and email to the extensive bandwidth required to run business critical applications in the cloud, telecoms is, in effect, the central nervous system of any business.

A well-considered approach to telecoms and connectivity is crucial to avoid the contractual and technological pitfalls and lock-ins that could restrict future opportunities and flexibility.

As telecoms solutions have the potential to become increasingly complex and technologies converge, we’ve invested heavily at TSG to offer comprehensive services.

Telecoms sits seamlessly alongside our expertise across all elements of the technology environment and, as ever, we’re dedicated to serving the needs of the UK’s SMEs.

We’re happy to offer simple lines and minute contracts. And in a world where tariffs can be more complicated than the technology itself, we really do mean simple. One competitive tariff for all customers – large and small.

Trust TSG to manage your full telecoms solution

However, we’re at our best when we’re trusted to manage all elements of the technology and connectivity mix from telephone systems across multi-site networks accommodating 20 to 2000+ ports, to leased lines, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and Virtual Private Network (VPN), call management, voice recording and inbound Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) to unified communications.

We’re confident that we can help you reduce risk and underpin business continuity by consolidating your telecoms solutions through TSG rather than managing multiple supplier relationships.

As you’d expect, we’ve cherry picked market leading partners, with all the advantages of dealing direct rather than working through brokers as part of a convoluted supply chain. A fact that shouldn’t be underestimated in such an increasingly fragmented and unstable market where it can be difficult to keep up with who owns who.

Most importantly, as a TSG customer you can expect exceptional levels of support – not something that the telecoms industry has a great reputation for! – and just as with any of the technologies we manage, we’ll work with you over time to build a robust, long-term solution that evolves with your business and ensures that you take advantage of new developments that will add genuine value.

The Future of Telecoms Webinar

The following webinar was broadcast in September 2014 and helps explore the options available for your business in the acronym-filled world of communication.



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