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If you thought all managed IT service providers were the same, let us explain what makes TSG different.

Our people have in-depth expertise across all of the IT components that make up the modern business environment, from IT support, infrastructure and networking right through to applications use, device selection and supporting modern working practices and behaviours. 

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But that's only the start of the story

In order to design, build, implement and deliver a managed service, we think it is imperative that we also understand the specific needs, challenges and aspirations of your business. 

That's why we take the time to understand our customers from a business perspective before we do anything else.

Once we have a solid understanding of the journey our customers are on, we then set about constructing a model that will deliver an environment capable of getting them there. 

This means specifically aligning our services to the way an individual business needs to work in order to be successful in its marketplace. It also means making sure that IT is leveraged on an ongoing basis, to keep our customers competitive and efficient as they grow.

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Enabling business success

It's all about people

Our service desk boasts a world class NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 80; making TSG a market leader amongst managed IT services providers; with a sentiment score putting TSG in Rant and Rave’s global top 10 at number 7.

So, when your people call our people they know they can expect a prompt, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable response; every time.

That’s because we invest heavily in our people so they can stay one step ahead, which in turn, means your business is always one step ahead too.

What makes TSG the number one managed IT services provider?

  • 80

    Net Promoter Score

  • 20000

    Office 365 seats deployed

  • 80000

    Support calls per year

  • 4000

    Monthly automated alerts

What our customers say about us...

“I placed the same amount of trust in TSG as our clients do in us, and this was proven to be the right philosophy.

“Everything went very smoothly and that’s thanks to TSG’s meticulous planning and sheer depth of knowledge - I can’t praise TSG’s project team highly enough.”

- Lesley, Business Manager, Project Management

"Every conversation with TSG is on a strategic level and is focused around questions such as, “will this help us be more scalable?” and “will this make us more resilient?"

“I’ve found TSG’s people to always be highly skilled and approachable, but their distinguished levels of service are something you don’t come across very often.”

- Dan, Head of IT, Solicitors

"TSG didn’t overwhelm us with countless technologies on the market, rather recommended solutions which would best fit our business needs.”

- David, IT Manager, Distillery

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