TSG takes its social, environmental and corporate responsibilities seriously

We deal responsibly and ethically with our partners, customers and suppliers. We work with communities in and around our head office as well as our regional offices and employ some special people at TSG who quietly go about the business of raising money for important causes. Our environmental policy was created by our staff and endorsed by the company to ensure that it sits at the heart of the way we do business.

We're not perfect, but we're proud of some of the practical things that we have introduced to make a real difference:

  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Paper recycling scheme across all TSG sites
  • Recycling of mobile phones, batteries and chargers
  • Recycling of redundant computers and other electrical equipment (WEEE legislation compliance)
  • Energy-saver setting on all photocopiers, with settings defaulted to print on both sides of each piece of paper
  • Use of Skype for Business and teleconferences where possible to reduce the amount of travel for employees
  • Suggestion box for green initiative ideas on the TSG intranet so all employees can be involved
  • Use of TSG SystemCare for remote support, reducing the amount of call outs and unnecessary travel
  • You can access our Slavery and Trafficking Statement here  
  • You can view our latest Gender Pay Gap Report here (previously published version also available here).