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Please mind the data gap

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  • We understand food and beverage supply chain challenges, and work together to come up with the ideal solution for your organisation. Resilience for food processing and distribution businesses where software applications such as ERP, MRP, CRM, MES & WMS and other vital cogs in the supply chain like EDI, finance & 3PL systems all play an important role in that solution.
  • TSG’s range of services blend powerfully to reduce risk of failure and inform proactive action to maximise IT system uptime.
  • We are able to identify and address common points of failure such as cyber security gaps, weak network and server design, unreliable comms links, poorly maintained software/devices, ageing equipment, etc. all with a view to providing a stable platform for your business.
  • Whether you need a roadmap for IT improvement or require a more rounded managed service that monitors and maintains the IT platform, our team will work with you to create a partnership always looking to deal with issues before they impact.
  • Automation: As an industry, F&B is very used to optimising efficiency in production, the supply chain and streamlining the process of getting product to market. Extending that approach to IT systems, data and digital processes can yield equally profitable results – be that in the back-office or operations.

Maximising uptime and creating resilience

Few things are more damaging to a business than unplanned downtime, even more so in the Food & Beverage sector, where loss or interruption to core operations can quickly become business critical. It can be difficult to commit time, effort, and resources to the protection and upkeep of your IT infrastructure on which so much relies.


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Areas we cover


Cloud Migration/ IT Platform Refresh


Network & Server Monitoring


End-User Support


Capacity Planning


Back-up, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Telephony & Comms


Cyber Security Services


Tailored Managed Services

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The tools you need for success

The advent of cloud services such as Microsoft365 and Azure has put powerful tools literally in our hands, but the truth is much of the functionality goes underused.

Unleashing applications like SharePoint, Teams and perhaps most especially – Microsoft Power Platform, can transform the efficient flow of data, documents and information around your organisation.

Tools such as PowerApps and Power Automate can be targeted to address specific business pains, streamline process flows and increase the level of integration between disconnected systems.

A modern workspace for IFA’s - feature image

Plugging the gaps between your applications

Often the productivity gains are to be found in the gaps that exist between large “line of business” software applications such as ERP, CRM or MES systems for instance. In these gaps is where myriad spreadsheets, e-mail and paper-based processes emerge to create islands of data and disjointed practices.

The modern approach, adopted by TSG, is to identify, explore and prioritise business pains that can be addressed through the deployment and adoption of flexible, no/lo code software. We then agree either a discreet case-specific solution or more typically a guided programme of change that delivers a cohesive set of agile digital projects that combine to have a real-world impact.

Examples of where TSG has used the power of the Microsoft cloud to apply integrated technology solutions to operational and process automation requirements in F&B businesses:


Testing & Quality/ Non-conformance Management


Health & Safety Risk Assessment and Site Inspection


Internal Requisitioning & Invoice Approval


Desk Booking Application and Shift Management


Holiday & Absence Management Solution


Internal Service Requests


Weighbridge & Goods-in and Farm Management



Customer story

With ageing IT infrastructure, we knew we needed to explore how IT services would allow us to modernise the business from hardware right through to order process.

David, IT Manager, Ian Macleod Distillers

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