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Pegasus Opera 3: Add-ons

Take your use of Pegasus Opera 3 to the next level

Pegasus Business Cloud

With the Pegasus Business Cloud, you can access your complete business solution online anytime, anywhere from any browser on tablet or mobile devices. Access your business-critical systems and data on the road to place orders or make faster decisions. Find out more about Pegasus Business Cloud.

Excel integration for Pegasus software

Pegasus XRL is Pegasus’ Excel Reporting Layer and Business Intelligence system, and seamlessly integrates your financial information into Excel. Intuitive Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel access to live data at the click of a button so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. 

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Powerful functionalities with Pegasus XRL

  • Ability to spot looming issues and opportunities

  • Significant time savings over manual entry 

  • Design reports in Excel, linking the data fields to live information

  • Accurate and instant data transfers – you can focus on detailed analysis

  • Powerful analytical and reporting tools for better and quicker results.

Embedded business intelligence (BI)

Pegasus’ BI tools will enable you to maximise the value of the data that your Pegasus system is collecting from each department in your business. Individual managers can define their own specific dashboard and by drilling down in to underlying data they’ll be able to take immediate action. 

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Pegasus dashboards:

  • Isolate hotspots that require attention 

  • Support critical decision making

  • Review progress against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Provide an instant overview of your business based on real-time information

Pegasus CIS: Powerful construction solution

Designed specifically for the contracting and construction industry, Pegasus CIS is a software solution that will ease the administrative burden of running projects at the same time as providing all the tools necessary to ensure that critical information is readily available for making key decisions. 

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Why use Pegasus CIS?

  • Control

    Maintain control over all aspects of contract management from costing and timesheets to payment applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching.

  • Compliance

    Remain fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme thanks to Pegasus CIS, managing timesheets and labour costs.

  • Integration

    Pegasus CIS can be fully integrated with sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, cashbook and payroll through Opera 3, Opera II, Sage 50 or Sage 200; an end-to-end solution

  • Modules

    Includes sub-contractor ledger, purchase order processing, procurement and plant hire control, built-in management information system function and more.

  • Mobility with Pegasus Web Xchange

    Pegasus Web Xchange provides a set of services that are used to securely access and view Opera 3 data via a web browser. Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go – anytime, anywhere and on any devices. It will change the way you work and run your business.

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  • Mobile Sales Order Processing (SOP)

    It’s easier than ever to get your sales team on the road with new Mobile SOP. Give your sales team access to critical, real-time data while out of the office and allow them to place orders, check stock and ultimately reduce order turnaround time, allowing an improved customer service. 

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Control your sales pipeline with Pegasus CRM

The CRM module gives your team control over the sales pipeline giving them the tools they need to analyse and forecast precisely thanks to full integration with financials and supply chain management modules.

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Next-level instant messaging

Unlock more advanced capability in the Pegasus Instant Messenger by upgrading to the Enterprise Edition of Pegasus Instant Messenger. 

Next-level instant messaging

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  • Creation of tasks and timed events

  • Instant notes

  • Presence awareness

  • Out of Office

  • Message priority

  • Appearance of pop-ups

  • Advanced task wizard

  • Message archiving

Why use Pegasus CRM?

  • Comprehensive

    Manage tasks, meetings and phone calls to build a complete history of each prospect and client, ideal for sales and customer service teams.

  • End-to-end

    Integration with Outlook, Excel and Word means you can manage your communications and streamline your entire sales and marketing process.

  • Office integration

    Seamless integration with Supply Chain Management and Financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close at hand.

  • Modular integration

    Seamless integration with Supply Chain Management and Financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close at hand.

Pegasus Service and Helpdesk

Pegasus Service and Helpdesk is available as an additional module, expanding the Pegasus CRM functions into a service environment. It allows users to log service and maintenance calls against a contract or on an ad-hoc basis, managing service level agreements, service engineer’s diaries and job sheets. The system can automatically create workflows and generate invoices, and full integration with mobile solutions, including TomTom Work, ensures quick turnaround from service call to billing at the same time as helping you to exceed customer expectations.

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