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Revolutionising search, governance and navigation

TermSet is a metadata creation and tagging solution powered by machine learning.

It provides businesses with a full understanding of what information sits inside documents by using ground breaking technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to effectively ‘read’ documents.

TermSet is well positioned to revolutionise search, governance and navigation resulting in huge savings of time and money.

By automatically adding accurate, consistent metadata and taxonomies Termset is likely to have a significant impact on the deployment of SharePoint solutions, especially where the focus is on knowledge or document management.

According to IDC over 80% of information is in unstructured content such as Office documents, PDFs and email.

Termset and GDPR

One of the first steps to addressing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is identifying the level of sensitive information you hold in electronic documents.

TermSet’s PII scanner works across the widest range of sources including file shares, SharePoint servers, SQL databases, Office 365, CRM and external resources such as Googe Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

It ‘reads’ formats including Office documents, PDF, MSG, TXT, CSV, HTML and XML, and automatically OCRs images comparing against predefined and custom rules such as words or phrases and patterns.

  • Helps you understand how much Personal Identifiable Information you hold

  • Feed into Qlik Sense dashboards to provide a clear picture of your GDPR issues

  • Facilitates categorisation and retrieval

  • Trigger workflows based on tagging

  • Taxonomy creation

    TermSet uses natural language processing to generate taxonomies directly from the information contained within business documents. It automatically recognise many types of entity automatically, such as the names of people, company names, city, country, technical terms, and much more!

  • Tag documents from an existing taxonomy

    TermSet can be linked to the taxonomies you already have in SharePoint and used for metadata tagging. It's intuitive engine understands the hierarchies, synonyms and multiple languages within taxonomies, searching and tagging them as it reads a document.

  • Real time tagging capability

    As new documents are added to a SharePoint library TermSet will read them and automatically extract the metadata, preventing a manual exercise on each upload. 

  • Pattern matching

    A great tool within TermSet to identify and extract fixed format values that your business uses such as parts numbers or project codes. This can then be added to documents as metadata.

  • Language analysis and tagging

    An ideal element for worldwide businesses, TermSet can determine the language a specific document is written in an tag it appropriately, allowing for simple filter function to narrow searches.

  • Create document summaries

    TermSet can generate a summary of a document in the language it's written in thus reducing time spent searching document libraries. The summary is created as a metatag to boost user productivity.