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We deliver accounts software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that are beyond your expectations but well within your budget.

At TSG we work with industry leading technology companies Microsoft, Sage and Pegasus in providing their cutting-edge accounts and ERP software: Microsoft Dynamics NAVSage 200 software suite and Pegasus Opera 3.

Our ERP solutions allow us to accommodate your requirements and link seamlessly with other systems as required so that whatever the size of your company, and whichever system you select, the end result will be better control of your numbers to deliver increased efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

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Why you need ERP Software

We've witnessed the staggering evolution of business software over the last decade, working with thousands of customers to streamline the management of their finance system and maximise the value of data captured across the business. Many of the benefits and much of the thinking behind systems developed to underpin huge corporations can now be applied to make a real difference in smaller and medium sized business. Known in the industry as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP.

How TSG can help you find ERP Software that best suits your requirements

At TSG, we bring together an unrivalled combination of experience and expertise, with a team of highly skilled IT support specialists  and business software specialists who take the pain out of developing sophisticated solutions that sit across all areas and functions of business. It’s now standard practice for ERP software and accounts software to integrate accounts and financial management with customer management, manufacturing and other business systems.

The key is to develop a technology solution that will support day-to-day management and contribute to your planning process and allow you to take advantage of ever-evolving technologies, increasing mobility whilst not compromising the basic user experience of your core system users.

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