TSG is a Sage Strategic Partner

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Just like all of the technologies that we recommend and support, Sage software is one of the best-of-breed across a range of outstanding applications.

The majority of Sage products that we work with can’t be purchased off-the-shelf. Whilst they certainly feature ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality, to get them up and running quickly, in order to maximise the return from your investment you need to work with a partner who can determine the most effective configuration based on a rigorous analysis of your business and business processes.

Getting the best from a Sage software solution really only comes from experience and what we refer to in the industry as repeatability. At TSG we’ve successfully developed and deployed thousands of Sage systems for thousands of customers – we call it the ‘power of familiarity’. And what makes the relationship between TSG and Sage even more special is that both companies were founded by the same technology visionary, Graham Wylie.

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