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Comms and Connectivity

“[TSG] knew that putting a massive amount of data into the cloud wasn’t necessarily the best solution for us, and instead came to us with a plan for a virtualised environment.”

 -Graeme, IT Manager, Engineering

An increasing number of businesses are moving data and services to the cloud, from email, Office 365 and backup to the applications they rely on to keep everything working smoothly and efficiently.

Connection speeds and reliability are essential which means traditional ADSL services rarely cope with the demands and expectations of users.

TSG Connectivity

  • Fast and reliable connections with outstanding service and support.

  • Performance and reliability required to underpin cloud services.

  • Scalable to adapt to changing bandwidth requirements.

  • Guaranteed connection speeds for private networks.

  • Reliability-backed with service level agreements.

  • Affordable options for small businesses.

Our connectivity partner


At TSG we partner with Zen, the UK’s leading specialist business Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Multi-award winner Zen is widely acknowledged for exceptional levels of service and support, and has invested heavily in developing world-class network infrastructure.

Thankfully, the UK is currently going through a fibre optic broadband revolution and over 93% of the UK should have coverage.

Fibre brings significant advantages in terms of connection speeds, although as with ADSL these can be reduced during periods of high demand and the connection is asynchronous.
(That means data flows in only one direction at a time.)

Stepping up a level, EFM, NGA and Ethernet provide the guaranteed performance required to run a VPN or converged services such as IP telephony and unified communications (UC).

All offer protected bandwidth through an uncontended, synchronous connection along with a service level agreement (SLA) for recovery time and speeds determined according to budget and requirements.

Ethernet also allows point-to-point connection to connect two sites on a genuinely closed and secure circuit, making it a realistic alternative to internet access lines at both sites.

Comms and Connectivity Matrix

Connectivity options


    • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) becoming widely available.
    • Speeds of up to 76mbps.
    • Bandwidth to support multiple applications.
    • Next step up from traditional ADSL.
  • EFM

    • Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM).
    • Next step up from fibre broadband.
    • Structured 7-hour SLA for service recovery.
    • Connection speeds up to 35Mbps.
    • Synchronous non-contended connection.
  • NGA

    • Next Generation Access (NGA).
    • Robust 4-hour SLA.
    • Connection speeds up to 10Mbps
    • Synchronous non-contended connection
    • Lower cost than leased lines

    • Connections speeds up to 1gbps.
    • Allows secure point-to-point connection.
    • Robust 4-hour SLA.
    • Synchronous non-contended connection.