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Email Security


TSG cloud-based mail security provides unrivalled protection from all email-borne threats without requiring an investment in hardware or software.

Reasons to choose TSG cloud-based mail security

  • Internet-level system - stops viruses and spam email before it reaches your local network.

  • Provides unrivalled email protection without a hardware or software investment.

  • Saves internet bandwidth usage, ensuring that bandwidth is used for legitimate business email only.

  • Highly experienced technical team ready to answer any questions.

Designed to provide 100% protection against both known and unknown email viruses and have a 99% spam capture rate, TSG’s email security service boasts intelligent self-learning capabilities based on data captured from millions of desktops, servers, and networks.

Backed by one of the world’s largest malware research organisations, the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, the cloud-based service filters unwanted messages and protects mailboxes from email-borne viruses, malware, spam, phishing, targeted attacks and bulk email.

Key features of TSG cloud-based mail security

  • Anti-virus accuracy—No more than 0.0001% false positives.

  • Anti-spam effectiveness—99% spam capture (95% for email with double-byte characters).

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certification covering people, processes, and technology.

  • Symantec Intelligence protects from malware, URL, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks.

  • Multi-layer malware analysis, skeptic heuristics and URL link following.

  • Regulatory and compliance-focused data loss prevention policy templates.

  • Image composition analysis, facial recognition, body positioning analysis and flesh tone detection.

  • Scan within email header subject, body, and attachments such as Office files, PDFs, and compressed file types.

  • Bulk mail control for solicited messages.

  • Granular control by user, group, and domain.

  • Email delivery—100% email delivery

  • Identify and control confidential or inappropriate content.

  • Restrict by time, size, and number of attachments.

Case studies

IT support, security and infrastructure refresh for Distillers

The Distillers needed a reliable network and improved security to reflect its business growth. Ian Macleod wanted to modernise its key technologies in order to provide an improved customer experience.

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