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Technologies to transform your business

Nothing ever stands still in the world of technology and that presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

Futuretech is how we tell the story of business transformation, helping you to understand how you can take advantage of technologies that make a real impact.

Data is fast becoming your greatest asset and most significant liability, so our aim is to help you move beyond the ‘nuts and bolts’ to futureproof your business.

It’s all about reducing risk at the same time as revolutionising the way your people work and maximising your investment in technology to improve efficiency and profitability.

Why Futuretech matters to your business

  • Empower your people to improve the customer experience.

  • Drive collaboration, process automation and efficiency.

  • Minimise risk, improve resilience and maximise business continuity.

  • Increase productivity, return on investment and ultimately profitability.

The key players


True to its aim of empowering every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, the technology ecosystem created by Microsoft sits at the heart of our story.

Office 365

Constantly evolving and more than just email in the cloud, Office 365 includes powerful tools such as Teams, Flow, Planner and PowerApps that underpin business improvement.


For many years, our experts have been shattering the perception of SharePoint as simply an intranet, building innovative solutions that outperform and undercut expensive alternatives.


The powerful combination of forms and workflow from Nintex allows you to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes.


Ground breaking technologies like Natural Language Processing used in TermSet allow documents to be read and tagged automatically to improve business efficiencies.

Qlik Sense

Using a market-leading associative model, Qlik Sense offers deep insights into your business, allowing you to see the whole story from your valuable data.

The Cloud

In reality the cloud isn't just a single entity and it's important to understand how you can blend public, private, SaaS and IaaS in a hybrid approach that works for your business.

Sophos Intercept X

The growth in ransomware over the last year presents a major issue for all businesses. Intercept X protects against this insidious and potentially destructive threat.


Datto's genuinely innovative backup and DR solution offers almost instant recovery for your systems and data if the worst happens as a result of a malicious or unforeseen attack.

Gamma Horizon Hosted Telephony

With huge improvements in connectivity, Gamma's VoIP now offers a realistic and beneficial alternative to traditional telephony with built in DR and unmatched flexibility.