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Gap Analysis and Remediation

Delivered in partnership with Evolve North, our approach reviews all aspects of your business and its data, identifies how you control and access the data, and reviews what data you share with 3rd parties and supply chain partners.

Through a limited time on-site we will interview key personnel, review your existing policies and procedures and assess your security stance in protecting data.

Additionally, we will determine how access to data types and what applications are used across the business to identify areas of risk to the business.

Finally, we provide you with a remediation strategy that will give you a prioritised task list, estimated resource requirements and recommended technical solutions.

The process

  • Gap analysis process to address specific points and identify how the business controls and cares for its data

    • Interview of key individuals in the business to identify data access, usage, sharing & processes
    • Review of existing policy and procedures including network diagrams and asset registers
    • Review of 3rd party and in-house application data usage
    • Assessment of position regarding data sharing with business partners
  • The output from the gap analysis will take the form of structured report detailing

    • Gap identification
    • Risk assessment
    • Remediation task list
    • Resource requirements both internal and external
    • Suggested technical solutions including estimated costs and implications
    • Estimated project timescale to compliance