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Keeping your IT environment safe and secure

“I can’t praise the TSG team enough. It seems a bit strange to say this, but one of the benefits for me was the fact that TSG is ‘normal’. They didn’t try to bamboozle me with jargon or try to sell me anything. They genuinely wanted to help find the right solution for the club.”

- Chris, Data & Insight Manager, Football Club

As technology has evolved, so have the IT security threats to your systems and the data you rely on to operate your business effectively. Security is therefore a high priority for businesses of any size.

Our experts at TSG are here to help provide you with advice and recommend the best IT security for business.

Based on your specific business requirements, TSG can deploy an IT security solution to protect your network from harmful threats.

It’s clear from the continuing stream of high profile cases featured in the media that cyber criminals don’t discriminate. With more than 200,000 pieces of new malicious code generated every single day it can be difficult to know where to start in protecting your business.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Everything you need to know about Ransomware

Did you know that 54% of UK businesses have been hit by a Ransomware attack?

Ransomware shows no sign of slowing down. Learn how to protect your business as we guide you through the tell-tale signs in our Ransomware infographic.

5 Things to Know About IT Security in 60 Seconds

At one time, the perimeter of your system was relatively easy to define. But IT security has been made more complicated by the proliferation of mobile devices, BYOD policies and remote access to systems.

Our IT security services partner, Sophos, leads the way with its Synchronised Security.

Sophos Security Heartbeat

Sophos' unique technology enables secure communication between next-gen endpoint security solutions and next-gen firewall, delivering what they refer to as synchronised security.

It differs from the traditional layered approach to IT security services which allows hackers to exploit the lack of co-ordination between defences.

With Synchonised Security, if an endpoint is compromised it is automatically disabled from the network by the firewall until the issue is resolved.

Network Security

  • UTM/Next-Gen Firewall

    Sophos brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network.

  • Email Security

    Protects your users from new and emerging threats by stopping new and sophisticated email threats with multi-layered detection technologies.

  • Secure WiFi

    Managed from Sophos Central, Sophos Wireless provides a simple, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks.

  • Web Security

    Continual intelligence updates on the latest malware, phishing and distribution sites combines with advanced automation to help protect your users from the latest threats.

Endpoint Security

  • Endpoint Protection

    Sophos Endpoint blocks malware and infections, application exploits, dangerous URLs, potentially unwanted apps and malicious code.

  • Mobile Management

    Sophos Mobile is a comprehensive solution to protect iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile and ensure a uniform company security and compliance policy.

  • Server Protection

    Sophos Server Protection protects your business applications and data whether on physical servers  on premise, or virtual servers in the cloud.

  • Data Protection

    Sophos Safeguard encrypts your data, and validates user, applications, and security integrity of a device before allowing access to encrypted data.

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The NHS was a high-profile victim of a WannaCry Ransomware attack that hit businesses in over 150 countries on Friday and over the weekend.

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With the advancement of cloud technology, services can now take many shapes and forms, overall creating a far more flexible and efficient way for businesses to use what were previously on premise-only products.

UK companies aren't educating staff on cyber security

UK companies are not sufficiently educating staff on cyber security risks and risk facing subsequent disaster if hit by a cyber-attack.

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Hackers think they’re so clever. They think they’re the dominant destructor that will have companies on their knees begging for them to give their business back to them. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Case Studies

End-to-end solution for start up business

Requiring cutting edge technology to enhance customer experience, TCAM moved its infrastructure to the cloud and embraced Office 365 technology to help keep client data organised.

IT support, security and infrastructure refresh for Distillers

The Distillers needed a reliable network and improved security to reflect its business growth. Ian Macleod wanted to modernise its key technologies in order to provide an improved customer experience.