CRM Software Solutions

We can help you get more out of this valuable technology

Recent developments in technology, from both Microsoft and Sage, mean that CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) is becoming increasingly powerful as a critical business software system sitting at the heart of operations, rather than simply a sales or customer contact tool.

Deployed astutely, there’s no doubt that it should enhance customers’ experience with your company by ensuring that you engage more deeply and more effectively.

Why you need a CRM Software Solution

Building unbreakable relationships with your customers is invaluable and your CRM solution can help you and your team make the most of your sales pipeline, target your marketing efforts to best effect and deliver exceptional customer service.

More importantly, CRM can also deliver significant value by providing vital business intelligence on customer trends and behaviours, and delivering insights on current and future performance.

Building a well-considered CRM Solution with TSG

Our starting point is to understand your business, from your high level objectives to your operating processes.

A successful implementation not only requires deep technical knowledge of the CRM software but is also dependent on creating a ‘CRM culture’ within your business, streamlining processes, aggregating data and ensuring user adoption to achieve the much sought after ‘single source of truth’.

As customer management systems continue to migrate to mobile devices and web-based portals, reliant on a range of cloud-based services, TSG’s knowledge of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of IT that underpin all effective systems is becoming increasingly important.

So, whether you’re new to customer management or are looking to upgrade and build on a ‘legacy’ system, we’re confident that our experience, working with thousands of customers across the UK, will be invaluable.