How businesses can improve cash-flow with technology

Did you know that UK businesses spend around £4.4 billion a year on chasing late payments?

Late payments can have a serious impact for many businesses. It can have a dramatic effect on cash-flow, lower the amount of working capital in the business and put lots of pressure on business owners.

What if you could automate your late payment process and as a result, manage your cash flow, reduce bad debt and encourage more payments to come in on time?

Join TSG and Draycir for a FREE webinar on how businesses are affected and how you can use technology to get paid better.


  • How businesses are being affected by late payments
  • How do outdated credit control processes affect cash-flow?
  • How can I improve my credit control processes?
  • How can technology improve credit control processes?

We’ll also provide a short demonstration of Credit Hound from Draycir.

Credit Hound from Draycir is powerful credit control software to help chase payments more effectively. It will help you and your team manage your cash flow, reduce bad debt and get paid faster and on time.