Improving data processing by uniting Sage and Excel

Excelerator - Sage from your Excel spreadsheet

Excelerator is the powerful, proven Excel add-in that creates seamless integration between Excel and Sage. At the click of a button, data is validated and updated to Sage with complete accuracy, significantly reducing data processing costs.

Join the webinar where our partner, Codis, will show how you can leverage the familiarity, flexibility and functionality of Excel, while embracing all the control, validation and financial rigour of Sage.

In this demonstration, you will see how to:

  1. Make use of pre-designed templates that you get as standard with Excelerator – to edit and create new sales invoices, purchase orders, stock items and much more.
  2. Harness Excel’s core functionality such as sorting, filtering, autocomplete, calculations, formulae (totalling, lookups, join data, etc), and discover Excel’s impressive artificial intelligence.
  3. Design your own unique templates using Excelerator’s template designer, to meet the needs of your users – then type data in, select it from Sage, paste it from another source or overlay the template onto your existing data.
  4. Validate and fix data before it goes into Sage using Excelerator’s control, validation and error-trapping – giving you reliable Sage data, leading to trusted business decisions.
  5. Get creative and develop your own use cases by seeing a range of sample solutions.

Winner of the Sage Innovation Award, Excelerator has thousands of users worldwide, ranging from charities that serve their local regions through to FTSE 100 multi-national companies – reporting how it saves them hours, even days, at month end.

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