Manufacturing: Security, disaster recovery and data protection

With the introduction of more and more innovative technologies that transform your processes, your attack surface increases.

Manufacturers in particular need to ensure their data and critical business systems are safe from cyber-attacks, as it’s the third most attacked sector for hackers; what’s more, over half of UK manufacturers have been hit by a cyber-attack (EEF).

Hackers can even halt your entire production line by taking down vital systems; pharmaceutical giant Merck lost $310 million (£251 million) as a result of the 2017 NotPetya ransomware attack, which immobilised its production line. Hearing aid manufacturer Demant recently announced a £78 million loss as a result of a cyber-attack which forced it to shut down its core

Our first manufacturing-specific webinar will look at the ways you can protect your data and infrastructure to ensure you don’t fall victim to data theft or production downtime.

Full agenda coming soon

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