From Dinosaur to Dynamic

The rate at which technology advances today is just phenomenal – and everything is getting bigger, better and faster every day to accommodate demands.

It’s staggering to think that in 2003, PCs were still being shipped with floppy disk drives as standard, and the iPhone was only invented in 2007!

You really can’t afford to get left behind.

Microsoft Productivity Future Vision


Microsoft’s latest Productivity Future Vision film, released to coincide with the launch of Windows 10, gives a glimpse into what will be possible in the near future.

Building on technologies that are already in common use, it also focuses heavily on Microsoft’s Hololens which delivers a ‘mixed reality’ experience.

“TSG’s experts provided comprehensive guidance around the benefits of moving to the Cloud.  By moving a proportion of the existing workload into the cloud, a single HP ML350 running Windows Server 2012 was installed to handle the remaining on-premise requirements as part of the hybrid solution, integrating seamlessly with Office 365. The hardware refresh was completed with the replacement of all PCs running Windows XP and Office 365 ensuring that users will always be working with the latest versions of productivity software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and the end of any compatibility issues.
As a cloud-based solution, Office 365 provides disaster recovery built in, so to complement this, an automated online backup solution has been deployed to protect all of the business’s other sensitive data and also remove the risk of tape failure or human error.” 
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Confectionery manufacturer, Tom Hannah Agencies produces no less than 10 million white mice each week. Building on Sage 200’s Bill of Materials module, experts at TSG have designed and deployed a fully automated system to manage traceability of more than quarter of a million ingredients each week.
Not only does the system underpin their BRC certification – demanded by retailers and supermarket chains – unlike the spreadsheets it’s replaced time consuming errors are eliminated and data is available in real time.
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From hieroglyphics to smoke signals and morse code - business communications have thankfully moved on.

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We hope you’re not but if you’re still running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP then you’re probably putting your business at risk.
Both came to end of life some time ago so you really need to act now.

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