The Future of Productivity

We first showed Microsoft’s Future of Productivity video back in November 2011 at TSG’s staff conference and it’s only returning to it over a year later that it’s becoming clear that the future is now.

Each time you watch it you’ll see something new; brilliant use of customer relationship management; communication and collaboration tools that make an amazing difference in both a personal and business scenario; and exceptionally concise and powerful presentation of business information.

All of the above can be implemented today in almost any business, but most importantly they tackle the challenges that businesses of all sizes face.

We hope that watching the video will spark your imagination and open up possibilities that are genuinely worth exploring. Of course, we’d be happy to explore them with you.

Microsoft: The Future of Productivity

It’s not only Microsoft that are pushing the boundaries.

Technologies such as Aurasma already allow interaction with images and Google Goggles allows you to point your smartphone at a building to retrieve information.

In fact, Corning are already producing the high tech glass products used to display information – although for most of us that’s probably still a little way in the distance.

Corning: A Day Made of Glass