GDPR & Compliance

Protect sensitive data and manage regulatory and compliance risk.


Your IT infrastructure is key to keeping sensitive data secure

Whatever industry or sector you’re in, your business has a responsibility to keep sensitive client and customer data safe. Cybersecurity attacks or data breaches could leave your company open to reputation damage, or even financial or legal repercussions, so it’s vital that your systems are designed to minimise this risk.


Technology and processes to keep your business compliant

At TSG, we’re experts in implementing cutting-edge technology to protect your business from hacking, malware, ransomware and a range of other potential threats. However, with most breaches caused by human error, it’s also vital to design the right processes.

Whether your business is subject to GDPR, SRA, FCA or other industry regulatory requirements, we’ll work in partnership with you to put the right combination of technology, protocols and training in place to prevent breaches and keep your data secure.

Why Choose TSG?


Exceptional support

With an NPS score of 82, our clients love working with us, and we think you will too.


Compliance experts

We work with clients in highly-regulated sectors including legal and financial services, so we’re experts in maintaining compliance.


Focussed on you

We explore your business needs first, and IT second, so the products and services we provide are tailored to your exact needs.

“We are benefitting from TSG’s strategic advice, support, as well as the ‘nitty gritty’ stuff. TSG’s distinguished level of service is something you don’t come across often.”

Chadwick Lawrence

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