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Knowledge management

Resolve tenant queries more effectively and efficiently with the right information readily available to your staff

Improve call handling

As a social housing provider, you’ll deal with a huge number of inbound enquiries from your tenants. Many of these enquiries, such as support tickets, will require a visit to your tenant.

Chances are, without a comprehensive process in place, a significant portion of your visits might be unnecessary. If the electricity has tripped in one room of a tenant’s home, they may not need an electrician to pay a visit if there’s a simple fix the tenant can carry out themselves.

With little control over your tenants’ rent rates, and a cut of 1% on yearly rents since 2015, social housing providers must improve efficiency to stay on budget. By reducing or eliminating the costs associated with unnecessary admin, you can still contribute to an improved bottom line, which in turn can help your housing association expand or provide an even better service to existing tenants.

Unnecessary repair visits can quickly get expensive. If you use your own staff, that’s time that could be spent on a required visit. If your social housing organisation outsources repairs, the contractor will need to be paid regardless of whether the visit was required or not. With charges in the range of hundreds of pounds per hour, it could prove costly to your housing association.

That’s why a comprehensive knowledgebase can help you to not only to reduce or even eliminate wasted visits, but reduce staff training time too.

ROI for Home Group

We’ve implemented a knowledge management solution for our long-standing customer Home Group which utilised SharePoint and Nintex. The housing provider instantly saved over £200,000 thanks to the affordable price point of the solutions; showing that essential technologies needn’t break the bank.

The workflow element of the solution guides the callers through every step of the conversation, using branching and specific questions to reach the required solution. This means that contact centre staff can resolve the issue effectively and efficiently without needing to be experts in plumbing or repairs. As a result of this, Home Group has cut down its new staff training from one month to 10 days, saving a whopping 67% in training time and employee productivity.

The solution has also greatly improved the accuracy of the data collected by the call handlers, significantly reducing the requirement for second call-outs. Thanks to this solution, Home Group’s first-time dispatch error rate now sits at only 3%.

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