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Revolutionising business processes

Every business has processes that can be improved upon. But few businesses or indeed, entire industries, have processes that are as highly-regulated as the social housing sector.

Your housing association is caught between two worlds; complying with strict regulatory requirements that are changing on a near-daily basis, and giving your tenants the best experience possible. Not to mention attracting new customers.

Your properties must be of a very specific, high standard before a new tenant moves in, and you’re required to do more to your vacant properties than private landlords.

With huge teams of field engineers, it can be a difficult process to manage repair or survey requirements. You need to know which properties need to be accessed, who is local to that area, how urgent the repair is…the variables are almost endless.

That’s where process automation can revolutionise the way you manage field engineers.

We’ve lost count of the amount of businesses we’ve encountered who manage this entirely through unstructured paper-based processes. This means engineers were required to report to an office to collect their ‘jobs’ for the day, make notes on various paper job sheets, and return them to the office when done.

Through using an intelligent Microsoft business apps solution, you can make a paper-based process entirely digital, make your job reporting consistent and save your engineers valuable time spent both travelling and making physical notes.

End-to-end field engineer solution

H. Malone & Sons, in partnership with the Byker Community Trust, took a step closer to achieving a paperless office and revolutionised its field engineer job management with a TSG business apps solution. Tasked with a review of over 2000 properties on the iconic Byker Wall, H. Malone turned to TSG to manage this audit of heating and domestic water systems.

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We’ve built a number of ground-breaking solutions using SharePoint’s intelligent business applications; our solutions are so innovative that we are the only UK-only partner on the inaugural SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program. Our inclusion on this programme means we hold the covetable ‘Microsoft Preferred’ status for SharePoint solutions.

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The solutions that we build not only have the potential to overhaul some of the more complicated processes your business requires; they can be adapted to streamline internal processes like submitting expense claims, holiday requests and even replace the dreaded accident book!

Streamlining internal expenses processes

Read about how Curo, one of the largest housing providers in the south west, utilised intelligent business apps to improve its expenses management process.

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Digitising field engineer job assignments

We also helped Energetics, a utilities connections company working for many of the UK’s leading housebuilders, replace an entirely paper-based system used to manage installation team members’ jobs and timesheet data.

The previous manual process often resulted in information taking days or even weeks to flow between field and office-based staff and was prone to errors.

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