21st-Century Santa

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when in the North Pole,
Santa was taking a late-night stroll;
Through the snow he plodded, sporting a smug little grin,
For his job had been done. It was time for a gin.

He glanced at his watch, his plan set in motion,
Dawn was almost upon the Indian Ocean;
Where soon, the first children would wake up with glee,
All thanks to his friends at TSG.

Flash back to November, when the first lists came in,
Father Christmas knew his team had begun to wear thin.
With the world’s population at 7 billion and growing,
He required a solution to keep the chain flowing.

Claus needed end-to-end experts for this mammoth task,
And he knew just the people he was going to ask!
Team TSG was straight on the mission;
The experts suggesting tech to replace the tradition.

“We’ll consolidate your systems with Dynamics 365,
It’s the solution you need for your functions to thrive.”
Your budgets and operations all in one place,
With real-time records of your inventory space.

But the big day was when they would feel the most stress,
Delivering all of those presents can be quite a mess.
“We’ll put your lists into SharePoint, backed up in the cloud,
Plus, a PowerApp for your delivery elves” – Santa was wowed!

An intelligent workflow system would get the job done,
No more paper-based processes, but more time for fun!
“Assign deliveries to elves, wherever they’re based,
To travel the world in one night would be such a waste”.

Storing important information for each and every child,
Needs the best security system, wherever it is filed.
So, the experts set about encrypting the data,
Even Santa must consider GDPR sooner or later!

Should the elves get into trouble out and about,
With a hosted phone system, they’d give Santa a shout.
Oh, but that wasn’t the end! Mr. Christmas would be impressed,
For the last, the tech gurus had saved the best…

To keep the magic alive, they had a trick up their sleeve,
Qlik would choose gifts to make the sceptics believe.
No list – no problem! Santa will know what they like,
A trainset, a dolly or even a bike!

“Now don’t worry Santa, with your SystemCare plan
We’ll keep an eye on the tech while you get a tan.”
St. Nic couldn’t believe it! A break would be nice,
He’d been doing this a while, 1748 years to be precise.

He wished he knew sooner that digital transformation,
Could allow him to relax on a winter vacation!
The world of technology was nothing to fear,
Now Santa was prepared for Christmas, year after year.