5 tips to improve your telephone systems ahead of the ISDN switch-off

Roll back the calendar to 2015, this was the first time the digital phone network switch off became common knowledge and the first time the looming 2025 deadline was announced. Since then our experts have been working hard, helping our customers prepare for the switch of by sharing their top tips.

So, why is it so important for you to know this now? 

Firstly, I want to address the importance of preparing your business before 2025. If your anything like me, you’ll be wondering why you should be preparing for something that isn’t going to be in place for another 5 years.
The truth is, as we ramp up to the halfway mark between the announcement of the switch-off and the cease of ISDN services, BT WILL stop taking orders for ISDN. Meaning that in 2020 your business will no longer be able to apply for this service, so if you don’t already have it in place you can say goodbye to ISDN services sooner than you think.

So how do you combat this?

One option is to transfer your Telephony systems onto the cloud. It sounds simple, it really is! But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at TSG’s 5 reasons to switch to a cloud telephony system.

ISDN Switch Off

As the deadline approaches, traditional telephone lines are being switched off leaving a cloud-based solution as the preferred method of technology. ISDN is becoming more expensive and less reliable as we get closer to the deadline, making cloud telephony the favoured method as it provides a predictable cost per user & frequently reduces costs for businesses.

Flexible working

Cloud based technology allows users to work from anywhere, providing there is an internet connection. Users can make calls from their chosen devices whist having the ability to display their business telephone number and are able to reap the benefits form call recording and reporting at home or in the office.

Disaster recovery-ready

A move to a cloud-based voice platform provides resilience historically only afforded to large organisations with on-premise voice service. We understand that your organisation’s telephone system should never go down, and it needs to work around the clock. Moving to a cloud-based telephony system will protect your business against loss of vital communication just in case any disasters were to occur.

Reduce costs

Opting for a cloud-based telephony system can help you to reduces costs by eliminating expensive PSNT/ISDN, landline and mobile calls. It also removes the need for hardware (though there is an option if you’d prefer) and essentially provides both small and large-scale businesses with free business-wide calls.

Never upgrade again

Benefit from your chosen provider regularly updating the platform, giving you the latest functionality without the downtime or hassle. This alone can provide you with peace of mind, knowing your organisation will always benefit from the latest technology and software available.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve helped a number of clients to switch to a cloud-based telephone system who wouldn’t look back.

“We decided to dip our toes into digital telephonywith an original VoIP system without expert knowledge. With the help of TSG and its specialist knowledge, we now have a digital telephony service that works like clockwork, making it easy for us to work efficiently.”
– Stephen, Commercial Manager, Construction

If you are going to be affected by the ISDN switch off, why not talk to out experts about your options: info@tsg.com