A message to our customers: TSG Business Continuity Plan (COVID-19)

TSG has a responsibility for the provision and maintenance of technology required to ensure our customers’ businesses are able to operate effectively. In issuing this statement, we want to give you comfort that TSG will still be able to do this during the current period of disruption and uncertainty being caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Over recent years, we’ve invested heavily in cloud and other technologies which already enable over 40% of our staff to be home-based. Having reviewed and tested all operations, we are comfortable that all our business functions can be now be based from individuals’ homes with effect from Monday 16th March with no disruption to our services to you. At the same time, we are restricting travel and face-to-face contact between our staff, customers and suppliers; instead relying upon remote access, telephone calls, Teams meetings or WebEx meetings. These actions significantly reduce the risk of our staff becoming infected and/or being carriers of COVID-19 to customers & suppliers, without impacting upon our ability to deliver the support and services we deliver to you.

Thankfully, most of our services to you are already delivered remotely. Only meetings which you and we agree must held be face to face will be and, where that is the case, we will agree in advance how best to minimise the risks of spreading the virus between our staff. We will communicate directly with you on a case-by-case basis if we recommend changing the way in which we deliver our services to ensure we can deliver the desired outcomes safely, securely and efficiently for both of our organisations and staff. We will communicate with you directly if we feel this is appropriate. 

Some of our services rely upon other technology partners who provide the product, platform or applications which you use. We are in constant contact with those mutual partners to ensure no disruption to platforms/services and to ensure supply chains remain effective. Should we believe that changes in such supply chains could have a detrimental impact to your business, we will communicate the specifics separately to you to ensure clarity, allowing mitigation measures to be implemented in each scenario.

The current situation with COVID-19 may lead you to consider how technology can assist you in working more effectively in these difficult times. We are available should you require any advice on how you can mitigate the risks that are currently impacting how we all work.

Thank you in advance for your support and patience over the coming days as we fully roll out a remote working model. Our aim is to continue to deliver a high standard of service and we’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver projects and support to our usual high standards throughout the duration of this disruption.