A modern workspace for IFA’s: how a Microsoft Cloud first strategy could benefit your business

Moving applications to the cloud can offer a range of benefits to your business. Cloud technologies offer greatly improved flexibility compared to hosting your systems on premise and make it easy for your team to access your systems at any time, from any device. Cloud computing also offers enhanced security, and better still, it’s often more cost effective than other hosting solutions.

Integrating all your systems in the cloud can also offer business-wide performance benefits, making it possible to seamlessly share data between different software applications, automate repetitive processes, and effortlessly analyse data to fuel business decision making.

Benefits of cloud computing for IFA’s

For IFA’s, a shift to cloud computing can have a tangible impact on business performance, making processes more efficient and helping your team to deliver a better experience for your clients.

However, IFA’s need to consider not only the best cloud technology for their organisation, but the need to maintain FCA compliance throughout the process. This means working with a technology partner who can not only demonstrate an understanding of cloud products and services, but also how these products and services align with FCA guidance.

Why a Microsoft Cloud first strategy?

At TSG, we recommend a Microsoft Cloud first strategy for IFA’s, and have worked with a number of IFA’s to help them take advantage of the benefits of this approach.

A Microsoft Cloud first strategy gives your business a common data warehousing architecture. This is a central platform where data can be stored securely, with all the required security and governance to maintain compliance with FCA regulations.

A key benefit of Microsoft Cloud is also the breadth of API connectors it offers. This makes it easy to securely integrate with a wide range of specialist software applications used by IFA’s, so data flows effortlessly with no need to enter information into multiple systems.

Microsoft Cloud also delivers the following benefits to IFA’s:

  • Integration of all systems into one platform – by integrating to a single Microsoft-centric platform, your team can securely access your data at any time and on any device.
  • A familiar user experience – most people are familiar with Microsoft applications and services, so your team will find it easy to transition to Microsoft Cloud.
  • Centralised security and management – Microsoft Cloud offers robust security, data and user management features to ensure that sensitive data is held securely.
  • A single data platform – integrating all your systems with Microsoft Cloud means that all your data is held centrally rather than being split across multiple different systems, increasing data accuracy and enabling data-driven decision making.
  • Automation of business processes – integrating your systems in this way makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks and processes to increase performance and staff productivity.

Find out more about a Microsoft Cloud first strategy

For IFA’s and other financial services businesses, a Microsoft-centric cloud strategy can help you achieve your business goals by improving your team’s productivity whilst maintaining FCA compliance every step of the way.

At TSG, we take the time to understand your business and develop a tailored technology solution that fits your individual needs. If you’re interested in finding out how Microsoft Cloud might be able to help you achieve your business goals, get in touch to set up a free consultation and chat through your options with one of our experts.