Business Telephony: Preparing for the ISDN switch-off

Did you know Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is dying?

When Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) was launched back in the 80s it really was a cutting-edge technology.  However, these days it’s just not as efficient. Many changes have taken place in the business world; remote working, flexible working and hot-desking have exploded.  It now costs more money to continue with ISDN than choosing to replace it with a modern alternative.  

BT has announced ISDN end of life by 2025.

  • ISDN lacks agility and will struggle to meet today’s fast-paced consumers 
  • Managing multiple offices is difficult
  • It’s expensive
  • Scalability and disaster recovery are slow
  • It can’t be linked to new technologies such as mobile voice services

Life after ISDN

Next-generation VOIP (Voice over IP) solutions are quickly becoming the ISDN replacement of choice, as it can bring many benefits to your business.  VOIP services are the latest form of technology that delivers voice services using an external data connection as the bearer for making and receiving calls. Its a virtual IP based service that uses network data connectivity instead of dedicated fixed line technology methods.  Technologies like SIP trunking and Hosted Voice offer a more flexible, cost-effective telecoms solution for your organisation, millions of businesses are already benefiting having already made the switch.

VOIP technology will:

  • Cut call costs – save up to 50% on line rental and 25% on calls
  • Allow you to build a telecoms system that flexes with your needs
  • Futureproof your telecoms
  • Cut back on costly ISDN lines

How we are working is changing.  By 2020 70% of UK organisations will have adopted flexible working; that is why it’s time to add ISDN replacement to your business agenda.  Join our webinar and take your first step in preparing for the switch-off.

Webinar agenda

  • Voice services are changing
  • Thoughts for future voice services
  • Openreach statement
  • Voice market trends
  • What are my options?
  • Mobile and Skype for Business
  • Office 365
  • SIP – Hosted – UC
  • Timeframes

Discover why it’s important to get acquainted with VOIP and make sure you don’t get stuck with outdated technology. 

Type of event? Online seminar

Who should attend? MD’s, FD’s, SD’s, MDs, FDs, SDs

Why attend the event? Did you know Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is dying?

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