Busting the myths around outsourced IT support

1.IT outsourcing myth-busters

2.IT outsourcing can result in lower quality support

3.IT outsourcing is only for the purposes of cost-cutting

4.Outsourcing IT means your jobs can get out of control

5.Outsourced IT communication will be different

6.Outsourced work will be wrong if not specific to the finest detail

 To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question on our minds this week. If you’re thinking about investing in IT support management then you’ve come to the right place to find out more information on the matter!

As the digital world broadens, clients have wider expectations from their IT service providers and with them, several misconceptions can be formed. 

Many of you will have heard of IT outsourcing and you may have a good idea of what it consists of, however there are several myths floating around which we want to clear up for you.

IT outsourcing myth-busters

First on our myth-busting list is the perception that outsourcing IT support is perceived to be suitable for big businesses but not small businesses.

This is a myth!

You can choose a contract suited to your budget and, in fact, outsourced IT most often costs less per head than in-house teams and frees up resource to focus on digital transformation.

Computer Economics states that 92% of IT organisations that outsource disaster recovery have found the costs are the same as or lower than compared to in-house functionalities.

Businesses in all sectors can benefit from managed IT services. Take North East-based designer and manufacturer Godfrey Syrett, who has outsourced its IT support and services to TSG to focus on long-term sustainable growth for example.

IT outsourcing can result in lower quality support

Guess what, this is also a myth!

IT support companies are the most likely to hire top quality IT infrastructure and software experts who will have a wealth of knowledge which an in-house team may lack.

Cybersecurity experts, for example, aren’t always easy to come by, and 51% of companies state they are experiencing a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity specialists (ESG).

It’s well known that IT service providers are able to hire more of these specialists, making it beneficial to opt for this rather than struggling to employ an in-house cybersecurity expert, especially if you are a small-to-medium-sized business.

IT outsourcing is only for the purposes of cost-cutting

Choosing to outsource your IT support should be a strategic decision. When done effectively, outsourcing your IT support will not only benefit your company by cutting costs, but will open multiple opportunities such as having access to the best in the business, taking the strain off your in-house staff and even support with digital transformation efforts.

Outsourcing IT means your jobs can get out of control

There is a well-known misconception that once you have outsourced your IT, you will lose control to your selected IT support company. While your service provider can advise you upon which road to go down, ultimately it will always be your decision-making which will determine what technology is implemented.

According to Steve Hall, president of EMEA at ISG, “active client involvement to ensure provider performance through governance and collaboration is essential to ensure the results anticipated in the outsourcing relationship are achieved”.

Outsourced IT communication will be different

Communication is key to a successful working relationship between clients and their IT support company. The common misconception is there are a lack of communication methods available, making it hard for clients to pinpoint what is going on when they have an issue.

This again is a myth!

Competent IT service providers have a range of communication methods, from emailing agents directly to telephone enquiries, VoIP connections and individual dashboards.

Take TSG SystemCare customers for example; each client has their own individual contract which allows them to communicate in which way they see fit, be it via telephone, email or via an AutoTask dashboard. Some of our contracts come with unlimited phone support, on-site visits or even a dedicated on-site engineer!

Depending on the severity of the issue, clients can receive a response immediately.

Outsourced work will be wrong if not specific to the finest detail

All leading managed IT service providers employ account managers with a wealth of knowledge. Yes, a well-described specification is needed, however your account manager will have enough understanding and experience to analyse the job and discuss suitable options with you moving forward.

When utilised effectively, managed IT support can bring a wealth of benefits including:

  • The ability to focus on business transformation
  • Reduced costs for potentially better work
  • Access to a wider pool of talent

If you would like any further information on TSG’s SystemCare offering you can email us at info@tsg.com or view more info on our SystemCare homepage.