Celebrating 10 Years With TSG: Simon Harvey, Head of Support Services

When our employees reach important milestones in their careers with us, we love to celebrate with them. Simon Harvey, our Head of Support Services, is celebrating an amazing 10 years with us so we decided to ask him what he believes are the best things about working at TSG and why he’s stayed with us for so long.

Starting at TSG

Before working at TSG, I studied software and computer science in university. This lead me on the path of software as a career. I started TSG as a system developer and progressed throughout my years here to becoming Head of Support Services.

A typical day

In my job there is no typical day as my role varies depending on customers. I have to maintain a constant watch of KPIs, such as call volumes so that we are always answering calls and helping customers in an acceptable time frame. I also handle any customer complaints that come through, as well as creating new services such as security as a service. I am also part of customer road mapping for future services, for example, TSG’s recent security offering.

The best part of the role

I enjoy the freedom of being able to set ambitious goals and then exceed them. In my role I’m free to set these goals, goals that others may think are too ambiguous. However, if you are tenacious enough and follow through on a “bright idea”, there is very little that will stop you executing it.

Advice to others looking to work in a similar field

Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed or do that to yourself. I believe the more you learn and embrace tech and the variety of options there is, the more lucrative and interesting that it can become.

How does TSG contribute to your career goals and ambitions?

I like the size of the company and that it is big enough to let you move along or up without being stifled, if you have ideas no one will stop you.

Last year I was moved from being in charge of 5 people to 100 people, and with that my goals had to change. My goals are always around how we can better the experience for the customer and improve our NPS score so we can focus on what benefits the customer.