Customer engagement vs contact management: Do you need a CRM?

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Location: Microsoft Teams

Ilyas Khan, Senior Solutions Architect, and Kevin Moore, Head of Presales at TSG explore the world of contact management, CRM, and full customer engagement.

Customer relationships have grown complex, and the way businesses manage these connections is vital.

In this session, they explore:

  • Contact Management: Unpacking the basics of storing and managing contact details. Is it enough in today’s competitive market?
  • The Essence of Customer Engagement: How personalised experiences can significantly impact your business growth and brand perception.
  • CRM’s Role: Does every business need a CRM? Breaking down its advantages, helping you discern if it’s the right tool to elevate your Sales and Marketing efforts.
  • Benefits: Exploring┬áthe potential benefits of implementing a best-of-breed customer engagement solution.

By the end of the discussion, you will understand the distinct differences between customer engagement and simple contact management and the role a CRM can play in bridging that gap.

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