Cyber fraud statistics [Infographic]

As it’s reported that there were 3.2 million online fraud cases last year it’s clear to see that cyber-crime is skyrocketing. Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre is the organisation tasked with combatting several types of fraud including online and digital fraudulent cases. It was recently reported that 1 million Britons fall victim to computer viruses each year with 1 in 5 scams demanding cash to release funds.

These shocking statistics considered, it’s no surprise that the business world is also suffering the fallout, with cyber-criminals looking to extort money from organisations on a global scale. The sophistication and numerous types of attacks and fraud cases are soaring. From phishing emails where, cyber-criminals are aiming to maliciously extort funds from victims to Ransomware attacks that lock down whole systems and bring businesses to a standstill.

The below infographic is a stark warning to individuals and businesses alike, be vigilant and aware. Prevent loss of data, money and business downtime by implementing IT security solutions that work.