First Time Lucky

Has anyone seen the latest Virgin America gimmick in celebration of their new Vegas flightpath?

Helping would-be couples come together on board (or at least doing their best to help them reach the mile high club) Virgin has introduced new technology that enables ‘suggestive’ seat to seat chat.

If you find yourself unflinchingly drawn to the stranger sat in the seat a few rows behind you, you can also use the technology to order them a cocktail in the hope of sparking a little romance.  I wonder if they’ve fitted the overheads lights to more of a ‘mood’ setting too.

Here’s a video with Sir Richard Branson, in his best Cilla Black impression telling you more about how to ‘get lucky’:

It just goes to show how technology (and a healthy dose of innovation and creativity) has impacted our social lives.  Privacy is dead – no longer can you enjoy flying the friendly skies in peace as someone in Seat 3D with an amorous eye may have other plans for you…..

What’s next?  Video love sonnets between train passengers?