GDPR and Technology

Following the overwhelming success of our GDPR roadshow in July, we’re holding 3 more flagship events in Newcastle, London and Manchester.

GDPR is something no business can afford to ignore with fines of £17.5m or 4% of global turnover for non-compliance – whichever is higher.

Knowing where to start with GDPR can be the most difficult element.

In our events, we’ll guide you through the journey to compliance from discovery of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, to securing your data and managing GDPR compliance.

We’ll be showcasing the technologies that can support you in GDPR compliance, looking at the journey data takes through your business. We’ll help you to reduce the risk of a breach, discover data in places you might not have looked and implement intelligent process automation.

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…our sister event, Futuretech: Digital Transformation Now, where we’ll be demonstrating the power of innovative business applications that are affordable and accessible. This will be hosted in the same venue on the morning of GDPR and Technology. For those attending both events, lunch will be provided. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Type of event? TSG near you

Who should attend? FDs

Why attend the event? Find out how affordable technologies can help you on every step of the journey towards GDPR compliance.

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