Hands on with the Surface Hub: The Device that can Replace Everything in Your Boardroom

When I first got to have a play with Microsoft’s giant Surface device (aka the Surface Hub) I immediately thought, “This would be great for Pictionary”.

Now that we’ve got our own Surface Hubs based at both our Scotland and London offices, I’ve been able to understand more about its incredible capabilities. It’s a whiteboard, presentation tool, stereo, ultra fast web surfer and video conferencing device all in one, and has been designed to also allow you to work much more collaboratively with colleagues who can’t be there with you in person. The fact that you can also play games on it is a welcome bonus.

The Surface Hub can replace all your legacy equipment in your boardroom such as projectors and flipcharts and old conferencing kit. You can also mirror other devices to it, which is great for businesses who want to present from their own device or show what a mobile application would look like on a big screen. And of course you can connect legacy laptops etc. too via a cable.

The Hub comes in two sizes – 84” and 55”. You can take a look at the full specifications of the device on Microsoft’s website here.

Here’s me demonstrating some of the Surface Hub’s key features – you can watch either the whole episode, or just drill down into the things you’re most interested in.

If you’d like to know more about purchasing options for the Hub, please get in touch with our team.