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2. IT solutions and self-development

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You don’t have to come from a technology background to understand how IT solutions work, nor do you have to be passionate about technologies to benefit from them.

Many people go about their day-to-day business unaware of how many solutions they successfully use. Take Jim in Scheduling, for example, Jim gets up at 6am to catch his train using his prepaid railcard. Jim has recently found himself waiting for a much longer time than expected, resulting in the need to contact the rail provider to issue a complaint and apply for compensation!

Unbeknownst to Jim, there have been several solutions available to him during this process, one of which is TSG Traveller, a solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This helps manage a wide selection of customer communication types across multiple contact channels to validate claimed journey delays and prompt customer communications and compensations.

IT solutions and self-development

Due to Jim’s continuous use of his railcard, his proactive attitude towards communication and the need for a refund, Jim is now proficient on all IT solutions provided by the rail provider. Unbeknownst to Jim, there have been several skills developed whilst using these which could be applied to his every day working life:

1. Adaptability
2. Communication
3. Initiative

Working within the IT/ technology industry.

One of the many misconceptions of working within a technology environment is that you must know everything about every system available to be in with a chance of a successful career, this can help, but it isn’t always true.

Take Sheila, for example, Sheila works as a Projects Administrator at TSG, her job is to invoice all software/hardware/lics and services with a few variables thrown in for good measure.

Not coming from an IT background, Sheila thought it would be a shock to the system when she first started with TSG almost 5 years ago. However, she was able to quickly adapt by using skills gained from different industries such as retail and security and, most specifically, Sage Payroll skills from a previous role in accountancy.

TSG Projects Administrator Sheila states: “Over my time at TSG I have learnt to use CRM, Dynamics NAV, Qlik Sense, Skype for Business, Office 365 and I have access to ProjectPlace, SharePoint and even dabbled with SQL.
IT is constantly changing and evolving so every day at TSG is a school day”.

There is a technical solution behind the scenes making the magic happen, so Jim and Sheila’s day-to-day activities work like a well-oiled machine.

Can you think of any IT solutions you use on a regular basis?

With a fashion marketing background and a strong interest in creative thinking, I myself never would have imagined that I would find myself within a marketing team at the heart of a well-established technology solutions company.

I always imagined myself to be spending my days in a busy fashion studio with the buzz of excitement over up-and-coming product drops and deadlines. Instead, I enjoy the buzz from the brand-new TSG head office and get excited about new technologies and innovative solutions which help me to collect and analyse customer data to develop great customer journeys.

I first started using CRM systems fresh out of university and have since taken a shine to the ways they work. As the years have gone by, my interest in digital marketing and technology has only progressed as the solutions I work on develop.
I look forward to keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends, continually adapting to the innovative nature of the industry and having the opportunity to develop my technology skills further.

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