How do you engage your frontline workers?

Frontline workers make up the vast majority of our worldwide workforce, with over two billion workers at the forefront interacting with customers and representing your business.

From call centre operatives to retail assistants and field engineers, the business world would fall apart without this vital section of the workforce. And yet, it’s the section of our workforce that is most at risk of a lack of engagement and high turnover rate.

21% of business leaders cite low engagement amongst their frontline workers as a key barrier in achieving digital transformation. A positive, however, is that 78% agree that connecting and empowering workers on the front line is essential to success (Harvard Business Review). For colleagues who aren’t office-based or those in a sea of faces, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your company values and cultures.

Microsoft is aiming to break down these barriers and transform the frontline workforce into an unstoppable powerhouse that is engaged, satisfied and dedicated to the cause. Its new F1 Office 365 licenses put frontline workers at the forefront.

For shift workers, it can be difficult to manage a work-life balance without the consistency of a 9-5 role or the ability to influence their shifts. That’s where StaffHub comes in: employees can view their current and upcoming shifts, request to swap them with colleagues and request time off.

Teams offers a collaboration hub – and has been dubbed a genuine digital workspace – for workers to interact, work together on projects and keep up-to-date with company news. To take that a step further, LiveTiles’ beautiful solution is an intranet your colleagues will want to keep coming back to.

This is only scratching the surface of how you can use technology to support your frontline workers. From easing the administrative strain of onboarding new members of staff to revolutionising the way you assign jobs to field workers; the world is your oyster.

We’re hosting an event with our partners Microsoft and LiveTiles on 12th April dedicated to showing you how you can empower your frontline workers with technology. Sign up now.