How do you know when you've outgrown your Sage 50 software?

Sage 50 is designed for start-ups and small businesses looking to grow. For larger organisations Sage 50 does have its limitations which can impede growth. Is it time to boost your business with Sage 200c professional?

Sage 50 is widely used by small to large businesses across the UK, mainly due to its rich functionality and the fact that it’s backed by recommendations from accountants. The software was the brainchild of TGS’s owner Graham Wylie, who launched the product originally known as Sage Sterling back in the early 90s. Since then there have been significant improvements to the user interface, new functionalities and a change to a subscription-only pricing model.

One of the drawbacks of Sage 50 is the back-end database it uses to store the information, which is often susceptible to data corruption on datasets with large volumes of transactions. This can cause major downtime for businesses that have suffered data corruption, resulting in data being sent to Sage for repair, whilst all processing is put on hold until it’s returned fixed.

Whilst the software is feature-rich it does have limitations in certain key areas which leaves the business with workarounds, in Excel or replacing the software with a solution more suitable to its needs. This is where Sage 200c Professional come in.

Sage 200c Professional fills the gaps not only in terms of functionality, it also resolves the data corruption and performance issues as it’s built for the scalable industry-leading Microsoft SQL platform.

TSG has a simple questionnaire to help you decide if you are heading towards outgrowing Sage 50. Take the Sage 200c questionnaire here.

If you complete our quiz one of our Sage Specialists can contact, you to discuss how upgrading to Sage 200c can boost your business.

What’s next?

Join us at our FREE Sage 200c event at the Shard in London on Wednesday 21st Feb 2018 where we will be demonstrating Sage 200c and giving you an exclusive preview of the upcoming integration with Office 365. We’ll also be talking GDPR and how you can prepare ahead of the May 2018 deadline. Register for the event You can register for this event ‘Achieving digital transformation with Sage 200c – The Shard’