How Does Your Office Christmas Party Compare?

We all have our unique traditions for the festive season. Some people are planners, ordering their turkeys immediately after the August bank holiday and executing their gift shopping with military precision, months before the big day.

Some are more of the ‘winging it’ mentality.

That’s me. I don’t even think about Christmas until a few days before the 25th and I’m back home with my family, basking in the familiar scent of warm mince pies and heeding my dad’s call for the annual Burton table tennis tournament.

More likely than not I haven’t even started present shopping for anyone, and no sharp looks and disparaging remarks from my mum about ‘running out of time’ will ever pile on any pressure. I’ve been saying it for years – Christmas Eve is the only time to shop.

There is one tradition however that has largely stayed the same for most people. The office Christmas party.

It tends to get talked about from the summer months, with colleagues taking bets on where it’s going to be, who’s going, and who will end up dancing on the tables at the end of the night (never happened…)

In case you’re curious (and why wouldn’t you be) about how your office party measures up against the rest of the nation’s, we’ve found some stats on the kind of things that go on. Yes, we could have found more stats, but there are speciality sites for that kind of thing.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I hope you enjoy the festivities. Merry Christmas.

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